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Cellulose is the most abundant organic compound on earth. Completely renewable, we believe it has a tremendous untapped potential for our economic future and our environment.

Cellulotech is a company focused on R&D around cellulose that owns a patent portfolio. Our main focus is on chromatogeny, a process discovered by our Chief Scientist, Dr. Daniel Samain.




Dr. Daniel Samain, Chief Scientist

Dr. Daniel Samain is a recognized chemist that has always worn two hats. One as a scientific, working for the most prestigous scientific organizations such as the CNRS and earning several prizes for his contributions. The second as a prolific inventor with dozens of patents and an entrepreneur. His work has always been on the frontier between biology, biochemistry and molecular chemistry. He discovered chromatogeny more than 20 years ago on a Christmas eve trying to make gifts for his children. He has since worked to improve this process and industrialize it.

The father of four, he holds a PhD in Chemistry from Pierre et Marie Curie University in Paris and a Chemistry Engineering degree during which he studied under Jean Marie Lehn, a chemistry Nobel Laureate. 


Romain Metivet, Founder & CEO

Romain Metivet serves as the Chief Investment Officer of Creel Concepts, a family office and incubator that invests in small and medium companies and help them grow. After meeting with Dr. Samain in 2019, he felt chromatogeny’s potential was overlooked and decided to lauch Cellulotech and include it in Creel Concept’s incubator. He is now fully dedicated to this venture.

The father of one, he holds a Master of Science from Bocconi University and a B.B.A from HEC Montréal.


Louis-Vincent Gave, Founder & Chairman

Louis-Vincent Gave is a renowned investor and the founder and CEO of Gavekal, one of the largest independent economic research provider with over 900 institutional clients. He is the author of several books such as Clash of Empires or Too Different For Comfort, in which he addresses the long term economic and geopolitical trends.

He has helped seed a number of companies including Roboglobal, On-Off Telecom and PolytoPoly. He is currently the owner/President of the Biarritz Olympique, a French rugby club.

The father of four, he served in the French army as a lieutenant and holds a Bachelor from Duke University.


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